Increase warehouse productivity and reduce labor costs with Takt's labor management system (LMS) and warehouse analytics platform.

Unlock unparalleled savings with our next-gen warehouse Labor Management Software (LMS). Designed specifically for B2C, D2C, and 3PL teams, Takt seamlessly integrates your warehouse management system (WMS), Time Clock, and automation data.

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“With Takt, we improved our labor effectiveness by 15-20% during peak season despite doing 30% more volume compared to the previous year. The data and insights are exactly what we need to take action and improve our shift efficiencies.”

Bob Duron
nGROUP President & COO

“We are really leaning on the Observations and Coaching notes to better train, support, and motivate our teams. With Takt, we know where to provide our teams with praise, rewards, and growth opportunities.”

People Manager
Major E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

“Takt is directly leading to improvement at our facility. We continue to focus on the areas it highlights to improve Efficiency and lower Time off Task.”

Facility Leader
Major Retailer